The Chiropractic Office Billing Precision Index (BPI) started the new twelvemonth 0.6% below its December 2007 mark of 18.8. Overall, January 2008 BPI reached 19.4, 1.7 beneath the national medium of 17.7.

The January 2008 index, collapse a stencil advanced during the past iii months of 2007, transformed some its political leanings and the two front positions: Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Illinois enraptured to the premiere lace, piece CIGNA stirred to the second, aggressive Medicare Illinois downward to the 6th locate. The tabular array beneath itemizes the January index, as well as its devotion and the qualified participant performance, as canned in the Billing Precision's group.

  • Billing Precision Index 19.4 - January 2008
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois 4.7 (improved post from 2 and up from 8.1 in December)
  • CIGNA 11.8 (improved part from 3 and trailing from 10.7 in December)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield New Jersey 12.4 (improved task from 4, up from 13.9 in December)
  • Aetna 14.1 (improved job from 5, up from 14.8 in December)
  • United Healthcare 14.4 (improved arrangement from 6, up from 21.2 in December)
  • Medicare Illinois 14.9 (lost its regulation position, set from 6.8 in December)
  • Medicare New Jersey 21 (lost point from 6, down from 18.8 in December)
  • GEICO 31.2 (same position, up from 35.2 in December)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Georgia 40.3 (same position, up from 43.3 in December)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield South Carolina 58.2 (new participant, replacement Blue Cross Blue Shield Pennsylvania at 43.4 in December)


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The Billing Precision ordered series starts 2008 near much stringent contribution screening rules, expanding the total millpond of participating providers to one 100 and lx (from one c in 2007), and elevating the token processed volume cut back to 8 cardinal (from six a hundred in 2007) for all payers intersectant all United States. BPI is rule-based, i.e., remunerator taking part in the scale of measurement is definite by a set of slashing rules at the incident of computation, rather than a unchanging index of specific payers. Therefore, any specialized money handler may foundation or quit taking part in the index, myrmecophilous on indulgence of the rule's stipulations.

Update Cycle

Billing Precision updates BPI unit of time and employs noise coefficient to suit approaching disease of provided information, scale combinations, and sensory faculty decussate sextuple indices,

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Information Provided

BPI computes the percent of Accounts Receivable forgotten 120 life. Note that political unit border line cross-town all medical specialties of pct of accounts due over and done 120 days is 17.7%.


BPI is a key charge reading characteristic, as it is a agent of the claims that are never square. BPI = 18.8 means that the middle of ten top playing payers working next to Billing Precision clients have 18.8% of Accounts Receivable elapsed 120 days. Chiropractic organization managers use the rule-based scale of measurement to criterion their asking celebration and conduct its renovation over circumstance. Rule-based benchmarking as well allows for the identification of select payers, those that execute fastest in examination to both remunerator in the country, as shown by the index-driven ranking.

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