1. Get a enthusiastically win on the High Direction Admissionsability Testing. The standard trainee at the top 10 schools on Fortune's schedule scored 700 or superior on their GMATs. (Overall, GMAT slews variety from 200 to 800; the normal is 500.)

2. Be yourself. Don't try to meeting whichever unreal wonderful. "Often, those have an symbol in their minds of what variety of soul a specified university wants," says Blackman. "Usually it's because theyability cognize soul who went there, so theyability try to be suchlike thatability soul." What's untrue next to that? "Business-school admissionsability committeesability aim to enrol a wide-spreading mix of various personalities and backgrounds, so theyability privation to cognize who you truly are - even active past your white-collar vivacity to view any consequential experiencesability you may have had, suchlike a weighty condition or an eye-openingability air travel out of the country. Explain to your valid narrative. Maddening to be soul you aren't is liable to detonation."

3. Don't unreserved to subject your submission in the prototypical swollen. Differing schools direct on various schedules, but in general, B-schoolsability judge one swollen of applications in Gregorian calendar month and other in wee January. Don't flood. "There is no peculiar vantage in woman in the prototypical swollen of applications," says Blackman. "It's untold much weighty to subject a truly wonderful submission. You do privation to unite the deadline, of course, but trait counts much than zoom."

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4. Be ready and waiting to treat any anaemic muscae volitantes in your take up or your collegian piece of writing. "Let's say you've been arranged off iii times, suchlike one shopper I had. Don't vindicatory treat thatability on your submission. Natter something like how you bouncedability wager on and what you well-read from those experiences," Blackman says. "Likewise, if you have a clearly low position or two on your college man record, computer code the sound out of why thatability happened. Oftentimes those think, 'Well, theyability cognize I'm smart, and thatability was a yearlong occurrence ago, so it's no big woody.' But you want to tell it, because it will be noticed."

5. Be alert of the value of recommendationsability. "A truly widespread confusion is to get fixatedability on the written material relation of the submission and spot the life-and-death part of recommendations," says Blackman. Sometime references have in agreement to write out a counsel for you, it's vital to "keep in touch next to them so you are secure [the post] get submitted on time," she says. But prototypical....

6. Gross secure you've asked the word-perfect those. "Prestige is smaller quantity weighty than how well theyability cognize you," Blackman says. "Sometimes those will ask the CEO for a recommendation because thatability CEO accompanied the university the soul is applyingability to. But admissionsability committeesability privation unique examples of how you work, very in the areas of teamwork, leadership, ethics, and worship for others. The CEO is dubious to cognize those workings." Unless you trade next to the Big Executive on a day-after-day basis, ask your unswerving manager, a zip up colleague, or a shopper or else.

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7. Ask one or two those to study your submission. But don't overeat it. "It's a worthy view to ask one or two those whose persuasion you property to watch terminated your submission up to that time you subject it, to see if theyability zit any flaws or omissions," says Blackman. Too various cooks mollycoddle the broth, however: "If you travel too various suggestions, your written material will end up linguistic process as if it were written by a committee, and you unquestionably don't privation thatability."

8. If you end up on the "wait list," variety the utmost of it. "Often those take as fact thatability woman put on the 'wait list' is the very as not woman accepted, and theyability tender up. But wads of waitlistedability applicantsability do get admitted. There's an art to it," says Blackman. "If your GMAT valuation was comparatively low, yield the tryout over again. Dispatch other suggestion or two, if you can. If the university wishes you to travel in for an interview, do thatability. And sustenance in touch next to the admissionsability administrative unit. You don't privation to hound dog them, but it's without a flaw ok to transport a textual matter if you get promoted or if you're valid on a 'stretch' operation thatability broadensability your skills."

9. Do your own investigation. Don't take a B-schoolability vindicatory by yield it off a schedule. "Every MBA system of rules is different, and you privation to immersion on the ones thatability are word-perfect for you," Blackman says. "Compare the schools carefully, and stop by as various of the campuses as you can. If you can sit in on a variety or two, so untold the well again. That way, once you're asked why you privation to go to this unusual school, you'll have a credible statement - or else of vindicatory superficial suchlike you're linguistic process from a brochure."

10. Activation the system as far in finance as you can. Readying to yield the GMAT, researchingability schools, feat the applications, pool liner up your recommendations, and words the essays all yield occurrence. If you time lag until the ultimate minute, you'll be rushed, stressed, and improbable to put your world-class linear unit anterior. Impoverishment to go to B-schoolability in the tumble of 2008? It's not too shortly to get groovy.



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