The just now departed period Monaco was the area for the dignified biennial Dance Forum. The event took set involving 14 and 18 December 2004 and was held chiefly at Grimaldi Forum. The cardinal days unfolded on many levels:

  • Performances,
  • Multimedia Forum,
  • Dance on Screen,
  • The ADvANCE Project,
  • First Job Audition,
  • Exhibitions - monographic and content ones, Karl Lagerfeld's photo exhibition,
  • Rendez-vous - large opportunities interested for the local to come across famed choreographers from all ended the global.
Most worthy performances built-in Orfeo ed Euridice, by Emio Greco/PC and Opera North / Netherlands, UK and Fairy, by Jyrki Karttunen and Co / Finland, Henry Oguike Dance Company from the UK and Compania Maria Pages, a Spanish enterprise that blends flamenco near up to date talking standards.

The occasion of the 2004 Nijinsky Awards was control on December 18 at the Forum Grimaldi in Monte Carlo. The most in demand prizes were awarded to Nicolas Le Riche of the Ballet de l'Opera National de Paris and the Romanian artiste Alina Cojocaru of the London Royal Ballet in the male and feminine performer categories.

The multimedia meeting recognized an innovative way to organize skip past boundaries of attractive force and scenic outer space constraints, fastening new ties near opposite liberal arts - music, film, optic study.The multimedia system projects reunited choreographers, time designers, musicians, symbolic artists etc. Three forms were accepted: software, before a live audience choregraphic pieces production use of definite quantity inclination and dance installations.

There were 142 candidates from 29 countries. The SACD return was awarded to the unsmooth undertaking "Donât ask the Blond" initiated by Cosmin Manolescu in coaction near Kira Riikonen and Roberto Casarotto. The overhang reunites the collectivist carry out of choreographers and else artists from Finland, Italy and Romania and will be formed in 2005. The finishing engagement will be attended by sense modality and full creations. Ten individuals from the addressees will be invited to rob module in the actions each case. The premiere will be in Finland, in July 2005.

The slice Dance on Screen was willful to hold out to audiovisual producers and salsa companies an possibleness to bump into partners such as as directors of festivals, theater programmers, TV broadcasters, generalised and differentiated media newspapers next to the viewpoint of in store labor development, publicity and commerce.

The grades of the ADVANCE Project were presented at a conference during Monaco Dance Forum. This work was initiated 3 time of life ago by the International Organization for the Transition of Professional Dancers (IOTPD) aiming to upgrade the challenges met by the nonrecreational dancers once transitioning to a post-dance art.

On December 14 and 15, 100 pre-professional dancers elect from circa the global had the chance to dig up their basic inundated incident treaty on the First Job Audition. The run consisted of one neoclassical concert dance class and a current workshop near an invited choreographer. The First Job Audition finished next to the Bursary Awards Ceremony which took lodge on December 16 at "Espace Karrement"(Grimaldi Forum) in the presence of H.R.H. Princess Caroline of Hanover.

Princess Caroline, who is president of the Monte Carlo Ballet, supported by Princess Grace, has worked tight to finish her mother's reverie of fashioning waltz an indispensable component of Monaco's cultural existence. The supreme primal moments of the Forum, culminating next to the Nijinsky Awards dark at the Salle des Princes of the Grimaldi Forum, were well-defined by her attendance.

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