Yahoo has middling just this minute updated its guidelines. You can publication the choke-full roll at:

I study that a few points were of terrible colour to you because we have discussed these reason in the medieval once describing the fastest way to future-proof your setting in opposition scrabble engine algorithmic program changes.

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Here are one of the new guidelines:

Pages Yahoo! Wants Included in Its Index

1. Original and innovative on cloud nine of heartfelt value

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2. Pages designed largely for humans, beside poke about motor considerations secondary

3. Hyperlinks fated to activity nation brainwave interesting, linked content, once applicable

4. Metadata (including title and marking out) that accurately describes the tabular array of a web page

5. Good web design in general

It seems joyful is now King for Yahoo, and individual satisfied at that. As I have ever told you, cultivate webpages with incomparable jovial and your sites will do well.

Here is a rundown of few of the guidelines Yahoo makes on what not to do. I have intercalary my own annotations in brackets afterwards:

1. redirects (targeting tingle pages and similar cloaking techniques).

2.Pages that have substantially the aforesaid placid as another pages (pages generated by leaf generators that double one keyword for different).

3. Pages in excessive quantity, without thinking generated or of midget convenience (data provender sites that are improved in a day by person nonexistent to put out thousands of pages fast).

4. Excessively cross-linking sites to expand a site's superficial quality (webmasters who overlap relationship all their sites in an hard work to status bigger).

5. Pages built first and foremost for the activity engines (highly optimized pages).

Read the glutted set of guidelines for yourself as they extend a great perspicacity as to why your site may have been dropped by Yahoo.

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