UFO: Xrytspet Pregnant!

Yesterday was a thaw day present in Idaho. The fundamental quantity was up to physical change and the sun was superior. I distinct to transport a expression at the game birds on the Snake River. I grabbed my new tops binocular and orientated for the car. When I agaze the movable barrier from my feeding legroom to the garage, near was Xrytspet! She had snuck in within look-alike a ferine cat.

Xrytspet: I've got super communication for you, Taylor Jones, the Hack Writer, I'm pregnant!

Hack Writer: Please, God! Not different Xrytspet! Did you have "night crazies" a "mad half-hour?"


Xrytspet: I'm not a cat. I reflection that you would be charmed.

Hack Writer: Like I'd look-alike to have other 5000 achromatic widows in my garage.


Xrytspet: Well, I'm still enceinte.

She looked so sad. A dark-green shred tapestried her insolence.

Hack Writer: Now, now , Xrytspet, don't cry. I was freshly kidding!

How various will be in the litter? Eighty-five thousand?

She same she was not a salmon. I shouldn't have laughed. More common bodily process. Some upside-down to orange as they flowed.

Xrytspet: You say that I'm cruel! And we don't have litters We have seven food product. The firstborn one that hatches eats the opposite six. So we are a bit look-alike grouping in that way individual.

Hack Writer: I cognise what you have; seven distance to explain to the same fib. I anticipation you are not going to hold on to your animal group on this celestial body. Off next to you to Fanton in G10009845788899990766! By the way, who is the father, Silzrack or Ezdolef from Lutcredra in G100469?

Xrytspet: None of your curst business, Taylor Jones, the Hack Writer!

Hack Writer: How active Phontos, the Chican?

Xrytspet: So Big Foot was present and told you it was him. It was not Big Foot! I could never get that warm to thing that smells similar that. And what makes you deliberate I requisite anybody?

Hack Writer: Big Foot doesn't ever smell. He smells remarkable after a dip in the Snake River. That is, after he dries in the sun. Anyway, I've got to get going. The birds! See you later!

Xrytspet: There are whatever goldeneye at Bell's platform. Both Species. Can I go beside you? We can issue the FnL7 Time Craft and truly get enveloping and they won't see us.

Hack Writer: No!

I jumped in the car and was nearly to force the garage movable barrier introduction fastener.

Xrytspet: Slizdob! I'm having strain. I dream up the foodstuff are coming!

Hack Writer: What eggs? I though you were kidding!

That's once Xrytspet ordered vii chromatic foodstuff on the garage level. They bounced once they hit the level and rolled lower than the car.

Hack Writer: Now what? I'll get you a integrative bag.

Xrytspet: Let's get them into your fridge until that time they get too warm.

Hack Writer: Too warm? You put them in the fridge if you can find room amongst the Omaha Steaks. I'm goin' birdin'!

When I got married from birding I was bucked up near an increment to my vertebrate document. I had seen whatsoever Barrow's chrysopid (diving ducks) which I had not see since I saw individual on the Jordan River in Salt Lake City. I was a adolescent and it was during my "bird crazy" age. See

Xrytspet was obscurity to be recovered. I approved to take a steal a look at those 7 bouncing purple food product she had laid on my garage flooring. I wide my fridge and they were away AND SO WERE MY OMAHA STEAKS!


The End

copyright©2007 John T. Jones, Ph.D.

Xrytspet, UFO, Big Foot, Fanton, humor, teenage, Omaha Steaks, birds, Barrow's goldeneye, FnL7 Time Craft



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