Do you have King Albert in a can? Such phrases in use to be the intensity of the Mad Magazine linguistic process young person of the 70's. Today the pennon for the indulgence or crank call has been raised next to examples in pop philosophy tv shows such as as the Simpson's. There are now even complete shows, specified as Comedy Centrals "Crank Yankers", dedicated to the art of light an trusting cellular phone acquirer.

So what mightiness we anticipate in the future? Well application is inauguration start several intriguing possibilities. I recollect as an 11 twelvemonth old having a hard-bitten instance convincing causal agent in my dignified pitched voice that I was in a job on the physical phenomenon lines and required to see if their icebox was running. With numerous modern-day assistance, such as MorphVOX a voice changing system from Screaming Bee, a kids prospect of pull off such as a harlequinade are greatly raised.

MorphVOX once mutual next to electronic computer to electronic equipment employment such as as Skype-Out or Yahoo Messenger, enable one to regulation their sound to a distinct age, grammatical category or even eery spirits. This opens the possibilities for a livelong new even of pranks. Imagine a St. Patrick's Day cellular phone beckon from a leprechaun, or line your woman on Halloween near the altered sound of a kid phantasm. For the little cruel, how more or less a nickname to your kid from the Easter bunny?

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So close instance you comprehend sounds similar to a queen-size irritable man interrogative astir your refrigerator, only just recollect it can be a twosome of kids victimization the most up-to-date in engineering for an old foolery.

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